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Stainless Steel Watermelon Fruit Dig 

To serve perfect slices of watermelon pulp only without ever having to touch it with bare hands. You can slice and extract from the fruit, with just a simple gesture, perfect slices of pulp, while eliminating the zest. There are many ways to cut a watermelon and some are a lot less messy than others. One of the biggest obstacles you face when carving up a ripe melon is all the water in it.

The pink, juicy balls of deliciousness are rightly named watermelons because approximately 92% of the fruit is water. However, all that water can make a mess when a melon is cut open and the juices run out all over the place. Then the knife starts slipping on the tough rind and before you know it you almost sliced a finger off. Smart Watermelon Slicer, with two rounded edges, can easily slice the melon without causing a mess. Besides you can get the most of your melon with our melon slicer corner. Melon Slicer Tongs. After slicing the melon, you can pick it up with it directly. Then you can enjoy your good summertime. 

It can be used for cutting watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, etc

ADEPT Watermelon Slicer Cut, and serve watermelon with one single tool,

AQTUS Watermelon Slicer, This Watermelon Knife Slicer, AQTUS helps you to slice and extract from the fruit with just a simple gesture, perfect slices of pulp while eliminating the rind


  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Dimension: 24 x 4 cm Features:
  • Ideal for fresh decorations
  • Cut and serve watermelon
  • Provide fixed cutting with the same thickness
  • Allows you to extract well-cut slices of watermelon safely and without damaging
  • The simple and perfect cut of watermelon with clean cut318ZjD%2BJYKL.jpg
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