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Creative wood pattern Pot shape design, it's a humidifier, as well as great decor.
Give out ultra-fine and smooth mist which helps soften and moisten dry and chapped skin in winter.
Soothing LED soft light creates a calming and romantic atmosphere.
This smart Aroma Atomiser device is simple to use by taking off the lid and adding water to the built-in tank. It will purify and humidify the air in your room.
The natural wood effect creates a perfect home decoration ideal for any room in the house or office.
Powered by USB that can be plugged into phone chargers or laptops.
The humidifier uses an ultrasonic motor to pump out the water making it very quiet during use.

Inspired by Nature, classic wood grain finish ultrasonic diffuser with a minimalistic appearance, helps you escape the hustle and bustle of modern life.
The Ultrasonic Cool Mist Diffuser & Air Purifier is perfect for the office, home, nursery, bedroom, living room, study, spa or yoga studio, etc.
It provides the best in sensory experiences with our fragrance diffusers, creates a serene environment for the ultimate aromatic experience.

Its ultra-quiet design ensures a comfortable sleep while effectively killing bacteria, purifying the air and creating a spa-like environment in the comfort of your home or office.
With a great mist output, this essential oil diffuser covers up to 20-25 square meters With four-time setting modes: 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours or continuous, it creates a calming and relaxing experience with a waterless auto shut-off function.
With its soothing LED Lights, the colour can be cycled through or set to one fixed colour or no colour at all. Each colour has two light options - dim or bright creating a beautiful ambience.
Clean the diffuser after a month of continuous use with a cotton bud, a ¼ cup of water and a quarter teaspoon of vinegar to ensure your diffuser functions optimally. Allow it to dry completely before using it again.

The Benefits of an Aroma Diffuser:
- Creates a peaceful & tranquil environment
- Great for your skin
- Helps reduce stress levels
- Elevates your mood
- Wards off illness and seasonal threats
- Helps you breathe easier
- Improves air quality
- Gives peaceful night sleep
- Improves cognitive function
- Helps repel insects
- Keeps you cool
- A safer alternative to candles and ceramic burners

- Water Capacity: 130 ml
- Working Time: 8 hours
- Portable design?
- Auto power off

- Material: ABS
- Rated voltage: DC 5V
- Rated power: 3W
- Capacity: 130ml
- Working area: 25 square meters

What's in the box
1 x LED Ultrasonic Wood Pattern Pot Shaped Humidifier
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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