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Relax Foot Toe Protection Ring G

Relax Foot Toe Protection Ring G of the big toe is an adductor of the first toe made in a knitted bandage with a rigid rib. Knitwear with Velcro firmly fixes the forefoot, which qualitatively affects the state of the transverse arch and metatarsophalangeal joints from the first to the fifth toe. The rigid rib acts as a splint to stabilize the knuckle of the thumb. 

Indications for the use of a bandage splint abducting the big toe:
- deformity of the metatarsophalangeal joint of the foot
- recovery after injury or surgery
- changes or pain in the forefoot
- bursitis

1. Big toe abduction bandage eliminates further changes in the Hallux valgus joint;
2. Restores the anatomical position of the finger
3. Reduces the level of pain
4. Allows the joint to rest, facilitating the conduction of blood and lymph flow.

Benefits of the splint for valgus deformity of the big toe Relax Foot:
- gradual adjustment of the brace splint with soft Velcro will become an individual adaptation
- thanks to the soft coating, the hard rod will be invisible, but it will qualitatively perform a diverting and stabilizing function
- can be used in loose shoes

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